Piling and Underpinning contractors for London and the South East

Our expertise and quality resources can help you achieve your aims for high quality solutions to complex building operations above and below ground.

Piled New Foundations

We have the capability to install piles in all sorts of ground condition, even on sites with restricted access or low headroom. Coupled with our extensive knowledge and experience of reinforced concrete design and construction, we are perfectly placed to offer either piling only, or bespoke engineered foundation solutions for all types of new construction, from multiple housing sites, commercial properties to small domestic extensions.

Piled Underpinning

Our Piling Division is headed by a chartered civil engineer who has specialised in piled underpinning for over 35 years. With a full range of piling techniques and our fleet of mini-piling rigs, we can offer to design and construct piled underpinning schemes to suit almost all ground conditions and in situations with restricted access and/or low headroom. Our small but powerful piling machines are designed for working in and around existing buildings enabling us to install piles at almost any location. Our expertise in reinforced concrete completes the skills needed to implement full or partial underpinning schemes to suit each individual project.

Contiguous Piled Retaining Walls

This particular discipline has become increasingly popular in recent years with the explosion in popularity of domestic basements. Purkelly have installed numerous piled retaining walls for both new-build and retro-fit basement construction. The piles can be deisgned to act as a temporary works to enable safe and efficient excavation works, or as both temporary and permanent works where they perform the function above but also ultimately become part of the basement structure. We have successfully carried out piled retaining wall schemes in various types of ground conditions and in the tightest confines of central London domestic properties. We are always on hand to give advice on design and practicalities at an early stage to help developers and designers come up with the most cost efficient and practical solution.

Traditional Underpinning

Purkelly have been stabilising properties for more than 45 years. We are expert in traditional underpinning and piled underpinning for existing buildings as well as piled new foundations and also contiguous piling for new basements. We construct underpinning for both the insurance funded subsidence market and for builders and developers seeking to impose additional loads onto inadequate existing foundation or create new basement space beneath existing properties. Our client list includes major insurance companies, loss adjusters, housing associations, local authorities and individual home owners as well as a range of builders and developers.

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