Purkelly at the Royal Albert Hall

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Purkelly at the Royal Albert Hall

PurKelly-Blog-ImageWe were recently engaged to install some temporary works piling at the world famous Royal Albert Hall by Realtime Civil Engineering, a contractor whom we have successfully worked for numerous times before, over many years.

The piles were to support a loading gantry to enable a new basement construction at the prestigious site in Central London and Realtime wanted to work with somebody they could rely on to get the job done for a sensible price and with the minimum of fuss.

The original brief was to install 7 no. 450mm diameter piles to 16m, utilizing temporary casing for the first 8m to overcome the soft, loose ground overlying the stiff London clay.

However, when drilling commenced it became apparent that the soil conditions were not quite as stated in the site investigation report and the poor ground conditions extended to between 12 and 13 metres.

Having recognized this problem during the first pile bore, our piling crew worked with the site engineers to establish the actual depth of the soft loose ground and the underlying London clay. This new information was recorded, and after consultation with the temporary works engineers, the piles were redesigned to suit the unexpected conditions.

Once the revised pile design was approved, we were quickly able to mobilize the extra casing and augers required and the piles were installed quickly and efficiently allowing the show to go on, without any downtime for the rig and crew.

The final depth of the piles was 23 metres with 14 metres of temporary casing used on each pile, quite an achievement using mini-piling equipment!

Purkelly are proud to have been given the opportunity to carry out these works and add the Royal Albert Hall to the list of prestigious and Historic buildings that we have been involved with.

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